The Pervatech Team

Meet our Pervatech Team: Frans Velterop, Rob de Lange, Martin Wolf, Han Heuver and Ilona Roesink. Click on one of the pictures to send an e-mail to the respective person, or fill in our information request form.

Frans Velterop
Chief Executive Officer Pervatech BV

General management, Membrane development, Applications, Customer relations
Tel: +31 548 530 360
Skype: velteropfrans

Dr. Ir. Rob de Lange
Chief Commercial Officer Pervatech BV

Customer relations, Applications, Membrane development
Tel: +31 548 530 362

Han Heuver
Chief Operating Officer Pervatech BV

Procurement, Production, Logistics
Tel: +31 548 530 363

Ilona Roesink
Management Assistant Pervatech BV

General information, Appointments, Quotations, Website, Communications
Tel: +31 548 530 360

Dr. Martin Wolf
Chief Technology Officer Pervatech BV

Membrane development, Project management
Tel: +31 548 530 365

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