Pervatech BV

  • Membranes
  • Food industry
  • Test systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Modules
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Innovating your business

Pervatech produces cutting edge membranes, membrane modules and separation systems for pervaporation and vapour permeation applications. We use our know how to design membrane based solutions for the separation of organic substances. The products and services that Pervatech offer enable our customers to innovate their production processes, leading to lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, recycling of valuable resources, lower waste streams and higher product quality. Compared to more traditional separation methodologies such as distillation and molsieves substantial energy savings (25%-75%) can be realized by pervaporation (PV) or vapour permeation (VP) membrane technology. We advise customers in the optimisation of their processes by combining knowledge of membrane processes with other exisiting industrial technologies.

Starting from an idea for a particular separation we offer the possibility to test the feasibility. This test can be performed in our laboratory or on site of the customer. The data generated can be used to make a first CAPEX/OPEX estimate for a commercial plant. In the next phase a more extended pilot test should be carried out to generate all the input required for the final plant design. For the design of the commercial plant Pervatech collaborates with preferred partners.
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