Our customers are:

  • Research and Academics
    Universities and research institutes around the world use our products in their development programmes. We offer equipment suitable for applications with smaller volumes.
  • OEMs/System integrators
    Pervatech develops and produces membrane modules that can be used as components in pervaporation or vapour permeation systems for OEMs / System integrators.
  • End Users
    To end users, Pervatech offers Proof-of-Principle testing, pre- and post-treatment protocols, cost calculations and commercial plants.


The DEMA Consortium will develop, demonstrate and license a complete economically competitive technology for the direct production of bioethanol from microalgae with low-cost scalable photobioreactors by 2016. Initial proof-of-concept results show via life cycle assessment and economic balance that it is feasible to use microalgae to produce bioethanol. The catalytic conversion of solar energy, H2O and CO2 into ethanol will be carried out by a metabolically engineered strain of the cyanobacterium, Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.

  • EMPRESS; Energy-savings using Membranes for higher Process and Reaction Efficiency through Selective Separation.

The project aims at accelerating the implementation of hybrid silica membranes in industrial applications. By offering a cost-effective option for energy efficiency and reduction of emissions, membrane systems using robus ceramic membranes can contribute to a more sustainable chemical industry in the Netherlands.