Thank you for taking interest in the drawings by Pervatech. The drawings of our products can be accessed by clicking on the link, the drawing will open in a new tab.


Module Description Pervatech art. number Drawing
PVM-025-1  1 piece 1-channel 25cm tube PVM035D000-G
PVM-050-1  1 piece 1-channel 50cm tube PVM-050-1 D000-2
PVM-050-4  4 pieces 1-channel 50cm tubes PVM0-050-4-S D000-E
PVM-050-10  10 pieces 1-channel 50cm tubes PVM045D000-0
PVM-060-1  1 piece 4-tube assembly 60cm PVM-060-1 D000-0
PVM-120-1  1 piece 4-tube assembly 120cm PVM089D000-0
PVM-120-7-P  7 pieces 4-tube assembly 120cm PVM094D000-3
PVM-120-19-P  19 pieces 4-tube assembly 120cm PVM080D000-2