Company Profile

Pervatech produces cutting edge membranes, membrane modules and test systems for pervaporation, vapour permeation and gas separation applications.

Located in Rijssen, the Netherlands close to the University of Twente, our highly motivated team works closely together with customers all over the world to find solutions for demanding separation processes where our technology has substantial advantages over existing solutions.

The company ’s  core activities are the development, production and  marketing & sales of ceramic membranes for both hydrophilic and organophilic separation processes. Scientific co-operation with leading Universities and Institutions, both nationally and abroad secures today’s and tomorrow’s ceramic membranes with superior characteristics.

Our products are increasingly used in the chemical, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Typical applications include:

  • dehydration of solvents
  • azeotrope separation and
  • the enhancement of chemical condensation reactions in aggressive environments

Our membranes are stable in water at high temperatures, in (a)protic solvents and in the presence of acids and can be used both in stand-alone solutions and in add-on hybrid systems.

Company profile: PVM-094 PERVATECH BV



Pervatech Furnaces for sintering the membrane tubes

Who we are

PERVATECH BV established in 1999 is a leading company in membrane technology.

Our mission

We believe to have an obligation towards future generations to preserve Earth’s non-renewable resources.
With our products customers innovate their processes towards a sustainable society.

Our values

The customer is king.
Our success depends on the business success of our customers; they are at the centre of our actions.
We share one planet.
Resources are limited; we have to contribute to a reduction in use of non-renewable resources.
Innovation is key.
Alternative solutions need to be developed to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
Together we are strong.
Multidisciplinary teams achieve new creative solutions. We challenge each other to bring out the best.

What can we do for you

Pervatech produces cutting edge membranes, membrane modules and separation systems for pervaporation and vapour permeation applications. We use our know how to design membrane based solutions for the separation of organic substances. The products and services that Pervatech offer enable our customers to innovate their production processes, leading to lower energy consumption, higher efficiency, recycling of valuable resources, lower waste streams and higher product quality. Compared to more traditional separation methodologies such as distillation and molsieves substantial energy savings (25%-75%) can be realized. We advise customers in the optimisation of their processes by combining knowledge of membrane processes with other exisiting industrial technologies.

Starting from an idea for a particular separation we offer the possibility to test the feasibility. This test can be performed in our laboratory or on site of the customer. The data generated can be used to make a first CAPEX/OPEX estimate for a commercial plant. In the next phase a more extended pilot test should be carried out to generate all the input required for the final plant design. For the design of the commercial plant Pervatech collaborates with preferred partners.