Product Portfolio

PERVATECH BV offers the following products and services:

  1. Membrane modules
  2. Lab Scale Test Systems
  3. Pilot plants
  4. Industrial plants
  5. Testing
  6. Membrane Development

1. Membrane modules

Our membrane modules are based on Hydrophilic and Organophilic membrane types:

  • Silica, organic-inorganic (hybrid) membranes for hydrophilic separation applications.       Field of application: Temperature range up to 150°C, pH range 0,5-8,5 and
  • Polymeric (PDMS, POMS or PEBA) membranes for organophilic applications. Field of application: Temperature range up to 80°C, pH range 1-12.

Based on these membranes a number of standard modules are available. Special executions with different materials and/or larger surface area are available on request.

1.1 Modules based on the 1-channel ceramic tube

PVM-025-1               SS 316 For 1 piece 1-channel 25cm tube with 0,005 m2 membrane surface PVM-050-4-S            SS 316 For 4 pieces 1-channel 50cm tubes with 0,04 m2 membrane surface PVM-050-10-S          SS 316 For 10 pieces 1-channel 50cm tubes with 0,11 m2 membrane surface PVM-050-54-S          SS 316 For 54 pieces 1-channel 50cm tubes with 0,55 m2 membrane surface PVM-050-108-S        SS 316 For 108 pieces 1-channel 50cm tubes with 1,1 m2 membrane surface

1.2 Modules based on the 4-tubes membrane assembly

PVM-060-1                 SS 316 For 1 piece 4-tube assembly 60cm with 0,05 m2 membrane surface PVM-120-1                 SS 316 For 1 piece 4-tube assembly 120cm with 0,1 m2 membrane surface PVM-120-7                 SS 316 For 7 pcs 4-tube assemblies 120cm with 0,7 m2 membrane surface PVM-120-19              SS 316 For 19 pcs 4-tube assemblies 120cm with 2,0 m2 membrane surface PVM-120-37              SS 316 For 37 pcs 4-tube assemblies 120cm with 3,8 m2 membrane surface Larger modules on request

1.3 Modules based on Flat Sheet membranes

FSTC-049                    SS 316 module with 0,0089 m2 flat membrane surface                              FSTC-050                    SS 316 module with 0,0540 m2 flat membrane surface                               FSTC-051                    SS 316 module with 1 m2 flat membrane surface

1.5 Modules based on Spiral Wound membranes

PV-SR1                     SS 304L module with 0,5 m2 spiral wound membrane surface                        PV-SR2                     SS 304L module with 1,1 m2 spiral wound membrane surface                   Larger modules on request

2. Lab Scale Test Systems

Our lab scale test systems to screen applications are used by customers who have a number of applications or where IP issues are important. We have systems for pervaporation and vapour permeation both in Ex and non-Ex execution.

2.1 Test Systems for pervaporation applications

PTU-044                                     Pervaporation Test Unit small                                                            PTU-054                                     Pervaporation Test Unit

2.2 Test Systems for vapour permeation applications

VTU-054                                      Vapour permeation Test Unit

2.3 Combined Test Systems for pervaporation and vapour permeation applications

CTU-054                                      Combination Test Unit for pervaporation or vapour permeation

2.4 Demonstration/ learning system Pervaporation

Pervap Teacher                       A small pervaporation demonstration unit for teaching purposes

Systems 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 are available both in non-Ex and Ex zone 2 configuration.

3. Pilot Plants

In case the customer wants to gain more extensive experience prior to investing in a full scale industrial plant, Pervatech can offer a suitable pilot plant.

4. Industrial Plants

For fully automated industrial plants we closely work together with a number of leading systems integrators and OEM’s.

5. Testing 

    Pervatech offers the possibility to test specific applications both in our laboratory in the Netherlands and on-site.

6. Membrane development

Pervatech is constantly involved in the development of new and better membranes. We offer this expertise also to customers.