Energy saving membrane technology is on the market

ECN has developed an exceptionally stable membrane which can separate liquids, such as water or methanol from a solution rich in organic compounds. This separation can replace distillation in a range of industrial processes, saving up to half of the energy. This new membrane technology is now ready to go to the market.

Van Veen is confident that the HybSi® membrane technology has matured and is ready to play its role in a sustainable industry, as he has shown with this pilot. “ECN is still involved in further development to create a technology push. But the industry is up next, to ensure a market pull. Several parties such as Pervatech is ready to produce the membranes. It is now up to the industrial users to introduce this technology in their processes.”

Energy saving membrane technology ready to go to the market

Lab Scale Pervaporation Tester


We designed a  basic Non EX execution of a Lab scale pervaporation system.

The unit is developed to conduct small pilot scale pervaporation process experiments with the Pervatech membranes. The basic system is available in different executions and with several options.

Please contact us for more information about extra options.

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