Pervatech offers the following membranes:

Hydrophilic membranes on ceramic substrate

*3,5 is standard
Membrane Pore Size [nm] Max. Temp [°C] pH [-]
Optimised Silica 0,3-0,5 95 4-8,5
Hybrid Silica AR

Datasheet Hybrid Silica HybSi AR membranes, Version 15-1-2018

0,3-0,5 150 0,5-8,5
Meso Titania 3,5-15* 200 1-13
Micro Titania 0,8-1 200 1-9

The main advantages of the PERVATECH hydrophilic Hybrid Silica membranes:

  • Energy saving
  • Azeotrope separation is perfectly possible
  • Decrease usage of cooling water
  • Enhanced product quality also through milder conditions
  • Reduced formation of side products
  • Higher plant availability
  • Chemical resistant
  • Stable up to high temperatures

Organophilic membranes on a polymeric or ceramic substrate

Membrane Top Layer Max. Temp [°C] pH [-]
PDMS 3-5 μ 80 1-12

The main advantages of the PERVATECH organophilic membranes:

  • Selective of high value products like aromas, flavours, fragrances
  • Increased efficiency of fermentation processes
  • Stable up to high temperatures and broad pH range
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See the datasheets for more information